Relaxation for the Body & Mind!  'Wellsystem', the inventor of the 'Hydrojet'...


Hydro Massage and Thermo Therapy all in one: 'Wellsystem Medical Plus' offers complete or partial therapeutic massage using the targeted force of water. 'Wellsystem Medical' will relax your muscles while remaining dressed and without taking a shower.


Heated water jets will follow regular movements underneath the rubber matras offering your body the massage you wish. All dressed and no need to shower!

The warmth off the water will activate your metabolism. 


Multisensor relaxation : 'Wellsystem Spa' offers a large variety of relaxation using water, light, air, colours, perfumes and sound for individual relaxation and the comforting effect of a Hydro Massage.


You can book your 30 min. Hydro Massage directly at our reception.